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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Copper Scroll

I really enjoyed the end times series written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, so my son-in-law thought perhaps I'd enjoy similar books written by Joel Rosenberg. (I found out later that its important to look for Joel C. Rosenberg.) I looked for these books and finally found The Last Jihad and The Last Days. I read and enjoyed them both. Rosenberg seems to have a lot of practical knowledge of the political workings and posturings of Middle Eastern governments and officials as well as scripture. That really lends a realistic feel to his work. The Copper Scroll continues the story of two reluctant presidential assistants who were drafted into negotiations for politically sensitive business contracts for oil in the mideast. This book follows clues in an ancient scroll to find treasures that will lead to the rebuilding of the temple, which is vehemently opposed by the entire Arab world. It is fast paced and well written and generally based on specific Bible prophecies as Rosenberg thinks they MIGHT play out. Each book really makes you think through what you would do in the situation and in light of these possibilities, how then should we be living? I have found them all to be compelling reading and am eager to read the next one - Dead Heat!

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